Today’s Thoughts: Oh Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine

After a week of rain, the sun finally appeared and spread its happy rays through clear blue skies. So, naturally it was a perfect day for gardening.

Beautiful 'twin' tomato sprouts

A few weeks ago, I started some seeds over at Mooney’s greenhouse. Joan and I planted heirloom tomatoes, bitter gourds, and chocolate peppers. With the sporadic spring weather (60 degrees and sunny to snow and 30 degree weather, then back to warm again), the sprouts took a couple of weeks to come up. But, they finally did – and they were beautiful.

Today, I spent the morning potting the now tall and robust sprouts. The German Johnsons and Cherokees basked in the spring sun, while I relished in their beauty. Mooney’s uses all heirloom seeds and organic soil – all the good stuff. Their exceptional dedication to wholesome, natural, and healthy foods never fails to inspire.


While working outside I thought about time, life, and energy. The seeds were now spouts, which would soon be full blown plants that would soon bear the fruit of labor, love, and nature. I think the parallels in the garden/greenhouse and life are quite strong, and even in the silence of the blowing air and sifting soil, there are lessons to be learned (and eaten!). Amidst this all, a quote by Stephen Gaskin, one of the great counterculture hippie icons and co-founder of The Farm community, came to mind:

“Sometimes when the wind blows I can feel it blowing through us like we were a field of wheat I can feel the wind in everybody’s hair besides mine, and I know that we’re not really different from the wheat. We tend to encase our roots in a pair of shoes rather than just stick them down in the dirt, but we aren’t really that different.

The wind blows by and our season passes, too, just like the wheat season passes. We’d better do it while we’re ripe, before our season passes.” – This Season’s People

So, let’s do it all, eat it all, see it all, feel it all, doing the best we can – before our season passes.

– E


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