Video: Age of the Farmer

“You don’t have that much control over what you are passionate about.”

– Alyssa Belter of Plenty Wild Farms

“In the summer of 2015, Eva Verbeeck asked me to join her on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a short film on young farmers, that would accompany her photo story for a variety of publications. Having spent much time WWOOFing on organic farms, I knew the importance of providing a voice for this underrepresented population. So we loaded our iPods with old bluegrass music and set off in a 1990 Nissan truck, heading from Portland to British Columbia. We offered our labor in exchange for room and board at the farms that we made it to.

This film is an attempt to express some of the thoughts and feelings of the young farmers that we stayed with. Hopefully a little bit of justice was done for all the young farmers out there.” – Spencer MacDonald

One of the most beautiful, sensory depictions of the philosophy, connection, and value of the agrarian life. If you can spare a few minutes, watch this. You’ll be nothing short of inspired.


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