OHF Adventures: Seattle, Washington

Hi friends!

This past weekend found me on an adventure to the glorious city of Seattle. My partner has been working over there for a couple of months, and all his talk about markets, fresh seafood, and gorgeous views had me in a hurry to get out and see what all the fuss was about.

Downtown Seattle
Downtown Seattle

I flew out of Nashville bright and early Friday morning, and landed in Seattle around 10:00am. Ample time for exploration. We stayed at Harbor Steps on 1st Street, right smack in the center of downtown. From the window I saw people, sidewalks, buildings, the Seattle Great Wheel, the Puget Sound, the Olympics, and the SUN! Much to my delight, the whole “always rainy” thing was not going on. Instead, I was blessed with 60 degrees and sunshine all weekend.

Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier

This was my first visit to Washington State, so, naturally, I was completely blown away by the scenery. Every which way you turned you saw some outstanding natural feature – Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, the Olympics, the Cascades, the trees, the flowers. Everything was very green, which was funny to me because everyone I saw seemed to be wearing dark colors. The edgy and the eclectic reigned supreme.

Having spent the past several years in the South, I was not used to the spread of black, denim, flannel, beards and doc martins that filled the streets – but the vibes were definitely very cool. People smiled, gave a passing “hello”, and were not afraid to share their stories, which were almost always colored with culture, the arts, and crazy good times.

With all that said, Seattle has a lot to offer. A rich cultural history, amazing locally sourced food, a great dining systems (Seattle Happy Hours makes it look like the rest of the country is doing it wrong – talk about quantity and quality for a great price), fabulous local artisan shops, markets, museums, concerts, ferry rides, hikes – you name it. So, with that, here’s some highlights from my trip that I definitely recommend for my fellow wanderlusters:

Eat:  |Lowell’s| Located in Pike Place Market, this diner offers up great seafood fare, think tacos and fish sandwiches |Lovage| Fresh salad bar with Latin and Caribbean touches, great for those on the go looking for their daily veggies and fruits |Japonesa| Phenomenal sushi, the fish quality, service, and atmosphere were top notch |Lecosho| Seasonal cuisines based on Seattle’s freshest ingredients, and they make all their sausages in house

Located in Post Alley, under Park Place Market, the Gum Wall has its beginning in the early 1990s, when people, irritated that they had to wait in line to get tickets to the theater, stuck chewing gum on the wall. Yum.
Totem miniature at the SAM Northwest Coast Art Collection

See: |The Gum Wall| It’s pretty gross, but pretty cool at the same time |Seattle Art Museum “SAM”| Located right downtown, SAM is a gorgeous museum with incredible exhibits, including Northwest coast and African tribal art, and a fun gift shop

Pike Place Market



Shop: |Pike Place Market| One of the most iconic places in downtown, the market offers up stalls of fresh produce and seafood, and also local artisan stalls of jewelry, hand-made leather products, pottery, and more |Left Bank Books| Great for the used-bookstore lover |Tenzing Momo| Apothecary and tea shop with herbal tinctures, essential oils, herbal remedy books, incense, and other potions and spells for all your spiritual needs

Serene Lake
Serene Lake


Explore: |Bainbridge Island| Just a short 30 minute ferry ride from downtown, Bainbridge is a sweet little island escape offering up beautiful parks, harbor views, restaurants, and galleries |Get out there!| Washington offers some of the most intense and most rewarding trails in the country, we hiked up to Serene Lake on Saturday, and the view at the top of the 2,500ft 23 switchback hike was totally worth the bleeding toes.

Wishing you happy adventures, and a happier heart.

– E